Appalachian Harley-Davidson® Battle of the Kings

The Crew at AHD accepted the challenge set forth from Harley-Davidson.

The challenge is to partner with local trade school students from across the country, to take a standard Harley-Davidson model and turn it into something unique. Over 40 dealers from across the nation compete to create a custom model in either dirt, track or chop, using Harley-Davidson parts and accessories, with a budget no bigger than half the cost of the original model.

THE CUSTOM KING - "APEX" a Road Glide Special 

Appalachian H-D® Crew Chief Brandon Older loves the opportunity Battle of the Kings brings for his team to share their passion while building the next generation of riders. The team is all-in when it comes to help from their tech school partner Cumberland Perry Area Vocational Technical School.

“Students there are helping with every aspect of the build,” Brandon says. “They have helped tear down, share ideas, fabricate parts and work on projects for the bike at school in their classrooms. In fact, they are doing the bulk of the work, with guidance from our team through the entire process. We believe this is the best way to get students interested in our brand and our sport.

“The dedication and passion that these students are showing to this build is amazing,” he adds. “They are putting their hearts and souls into this project, and we’re proud to be a part of it.”

“We believe that now is the best time to show what the Motor Company is focused on,” he says. “We are seeing new technology that has never been on motorcycles before. Using that technology to innovate and create a performance-based touring model is the driving force behind our build.”