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The Harley-Davidson® engineers set out to accomplish two goals with the Milwaukee 8. The first was to build a brand new engine that was fuel-efficient, reliable and emitted fewer emissions, all while providing the rider with impressive power and torque. Secondly, the company sought to satisfy the need for a comfortable ride through a solidly built chassis and suspension. Harley-Davidson® listened to the wants of their riders and constructed an engine that increases back road agility and an overall more robust performance. This new engine will allow you to take on that cross-country trip you've been wanting to go on and ride in not only style but comfort.

The new eight-valve engine retains the classic 45-degree angle of V-twin cylinders and offers 50 percent more intake and exhaust flow capacity than previous Harley-Davidson® models. Because this motor company is all about the freedom of choice, the Milwaukee 8 comes in two different displacements. You can choose between the 107 cubic inch version or opt for the larger 114 version. Either way, you'll be treated to a counterbalanced feat of engineering that offers a smooth ride as you top out on the highway and cancels 75 percent of primary vibration while idling. In this way, riders still get to enjoy the feel of a classic V-twin engine while also appreciating the comfortable ride it affords. The new engine pays homage to previous versions while pushing the envelope, just as Harley-Davidson® has done since the company first began. Harley-Davidson is out to build motorcycles for riders all over the United States and for a range of riding situations; whether you're looking for a bike that can take on the morning traffic or be your riding companion on the open road, Harley-Davidson has an option for you!


Appalachian Harley-Davidson® is proud to be your motorcycle authority and we look forward to welcoming you over to our conveniently located Pennsylvania dealership and going over the details of the brand new Milwaukee 8 engine. Check back on our easy-to-navigate website to stay up-to-date on relevant Harley-Davidson® news and to keep an eye on our new inventory. From new Harley-Davidson® options to upcoming events and financing information, Appalachian Harley-Davidson® is here for you!