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Rolling Laconia

Rolling Laconia

The Rolling Laconia campaign invites you as our customer to visit participating Harley-Davidson® dealers for an opportunity to qualify to win great dealership-level and collective-level grand prizes.  You have the ability to earn points during the campaign and use them to increase their odds of winning the collective-level prizes (Trip to Laconia, Trip to Sturgis, or 2021 Electra Glide Standard).  Winners of these collective-level prizes will be selected randomly beginning on May 24.

You must obtain a voucher from a participating dealer to enter and points can be redeemed online for additional prizes.  Appalachian Harley-Davidson has vouchers available to you - so be sure to get in to see one of our team to get your voucher!  After you receive your voucher from our staff, you will need to create a profile at  This is where you will earn additional points and use them to increase your odds at winning prizes.

 How can you earn points:

  • Registering - You will get 500 points just for registering!
  • Checking-in - Check in at Participating Dealers so you should use the Rolling Laconia mobile app to check-in once per day, earning 500 points every time you do.
  • Keywords - Keywords can be obtained by stopping in and chatting it up with our staff - ask them for the keyword!  A different keyword is available every week for 250 points each.
  • High-Value Keywords - Take a Demo Ride at Appalachian Harley-Davidson or join the CV HOG Chapter and get a High-Value Keyword worth 5,000 points!
  • Answering Surveys - Rolling Laconia will post several surveys on the app that you can then answer in exchange for points.


How can you use points:

  • Earned points can be used to increase odds of winning.
  • Additional entries can be “purchased” with points (it’s all free), similar to buying multiple raffle tickets.
  • Auction premiums:  Premiums will be added to the Rolling Laconia auction page, and you can use their points to bid on these items.